On the Road

windmills in the distanceclouds over MontanaLake superior beachclouds over cornfeildsone cloud in the skyvertical panorama of death valley in a vertical orientaionone tree on a plainpanorama of alaskan mountainspanorama of death valleyflat road panoramaCottage by the lakeMountains and valleylong river in AlaskaSnow covered lake at nightfour silos in the distanceplume of steam from power plant in wintersteam coming out of NY subwaylarge ship coming into porta swimmer in the yangtze river with city in the distancean alley in wuhan with buildings in the distanceJuke jointpanorama of street with old theater in a vertical orientaionbig stack of garbage on cartroad with farm and windmills in he backgroundpanorama landscapeBright green grass and blue skyarial view of a long winding roadcows in a valleyHudson river valleylong train by roadswamp with reflection in waterreflection in the bark riverDry tree in deathvalleyLake Louiselong road with green grass and blue skyship in the distancewolf creek valleyBurned out house in field
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