Hello. Thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Dale Kaminski, and I am an artist currently working with photographic images.

I started my life in the midwest of the United States. In my 20' and 30's, I worked in the music business as a touring musician and roadie for the Violent Femmes. This gig took me on journeys all over the world. Highlights include a show at the North Pole and playing at a Woodstock reunion for 350,000 people.

In 2012 I earned an MFA degree from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. My thesis was a series of images produced in collaboration with a man going through the final agonizing stages of cystic fibrosis. Every day, we took a photograph as he waited for the call summoning him to the hospital for his double lung transplant.

During my time as a grad student, I began to once again do Zazen Sitting practice which has been very enlightening. :) Zazen practice has opened doors of perception that I see reflected in my photographic work. Sometimes this is present very directly with the use of Koan and capping phrases added directly to the image but also in a more nuanced manner that is noticeable and pleasing when a simple, clear formal composition is present. I try and see the world openly and capture images in the present moment.

I have spent time as a teacher and had the unique and excellent experience of teaching a course in cell phone photography in China. I also worked for several years at a University as a lecturer and found the experience very gratifying. I have taught students that have become my friends. This is something I value tremendously.

Today, I live a somewhat nomadic life; playing music, sitting zazen, visiting friends, and taking pictures.

Other projects of note include: The PakaPaka Lightshow, in which my associate and I have built software that controls video in real-time for music, dance, and theater performances. I also worked on a project called Space Film, which is a 1-minute video that was sent into space by NASA in 2015.

It was an honor to be part of the Forever Now project. This project was created by the artist collective based in Melbourne, Australia.

Please contact me with questions, concerns, or just a friendly hello. You can email me at